Microfiber is...
1. Microfiber removes not only visible dirt but also invisible bacteria from the objects.
2. Microfiber acts like a magnet for grime and liquid and can be used without toxic chemicals.
3. Microfiber has superior absorbency by a 'capillary phenomenon', which is a characteristic of the
  filament. This excellent performance is achieved not by a finishing process but by the filament's
  Therefore this function is permanent.
4. Microfiber has a three-dimensional construction with micro space among the divided segments
  which functions to absorb more liquid and wipe out dust on objects perfectly.
Cleaning effect
Absorbency report
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Characteristics of Microfiber products
Hi-Tech ultrafine Microfiber
Excellent cleaning effect
Quick drying
Little moisture after squeezing out water
Neither stain nor scratches remain on objects after wiping
Soft touch
Excellent durability
Collects no fungus
Care Instruction
Please wash the sheet before the initial use
Please pay attention to fading when using bleach
Please keep the sheet clean after using
Please keep the washing temperature below 80℃
Anti-bacterial effect when it is finished
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