Meta type ARAMID Fiber
NOMEX III delicately composed of Poly-aramid has characteristics that are greatly suitable for various
  applications to resist the thermal flame. With its high-performance to reduce oxygen permeability and
  thermostability, it protects those who potentially face on the hazards at work. The followings are to help
  you to comprehend its characteristics more specifically.

Its Thermostability & Flame-resistant ability are superior to fibers just processed into fire-retardant
  finishing, because NOMEX III is already possessing such innate ability in itself.
  No melt-dripping. It prevents direct burn on skin.
  High heat-interception to prevent from a burn due to its low heat-conductivity.
  No fuming and no harmful gas while it is burning.
  Excellent intensity plus far lighter weight
  It does not shrink after laundering and is so durable that there is no change in quality and formation.
  Highly hygroscopic property and soft-touch
FR is the fiber possessing flame-resistance in itself, on the other hand FRT is the fabric processed
  with flame-resistant chemicals. Compared with FRT, FR has a characteristic not to debase the quality
  of flame-resistance due to its unusual chemical instruction of high molecules.
Flame-retardant process by NOMEX III
While it burns, NOMEX III itself absorbs thermal energy from flame.
NOMEX III swells out to block up the textile apertures in order to reduce heating convection potentially
resulting in the spread of the flames. At the same time, it thickens the adiabatic layers by melting itself
so as not to conduct heat.
NOMEX III is not likely to be ripped easily, and FR is even more durable than FRT.
Where it can be applied to:
- Welding factory and Electric power Industry
- Melting Furnace and Incinerator
- Uniform for iron producers, fireman, etc
- Gas fitting work, electric power supply work, etc.

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